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Charge your EV from your home solar

Charge HQ operates entirely in the cloud and reduces your charging costs via smart charging from your home solar or off-peak energy.

The service is highly configurable with features including advanced scheduling, grid renewables optimisation, home battery awareness and charging statistics.

Tesla owners and EV drivers with supported wall chargers can be up and running in 10 minutes with the app.

Get Started...
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Charge HQ monitors your home solar production and automatically controls EV charging to use the excess.

We do this by connecting directly to your vehicle or smart wall charger over the Internet. No additional hardware is required for users with compatible equipment.

When there's not enough solar, automatically top-up from the grid overnight on off-peak rates.

This is a set and forget solution which optimises the use of solar whilst still making sure you have enough charge in your EV each day.

Works with:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Wall Chargers
  • Solar Inverters
  • Home Batteries
Full list of supported devices

To find out if Charge HQ will work for you, answer a few questions about your existing equipment and we'll tell you.

Check your compatibility

Solar & Storage

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EV Wall Chargers

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Why should you use smart charging on your EV?

It feels good
After decades of running cars on imported fuel, there's something pretty special about the energy from your rooftop powering your transport.
Cheapest energy source
Using excess energy from your rooftop solar system is most often the cheapest  way of charging your car.
Improves solar payback
You'll recover your investment in your solar system faster using the energy to charge your car than exporting it to the grid.
Reduces fossil fuel use
By aligning charging times with periods of solar or wind production, you reduce the the amount of coal and gas that is used to generate electricity.
Enables more solar and wind
By charging from solar (and wind overnight) you create demand for renewable energy which in turn allows more to be built.
Reduces strain on the grid
Smart charging can automatically avoid  demand during peak periods, making power more reliable, reducing grid upgrades and keeping prices lower for everyone.