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EV Solar Charging with Solar Analytics

Using a Solar Analytics Classic energy monitor allows you to use Charge HQ with all makes of rooftop solar when combined with a compatible EV or Wall Charger.

It is commonly used to provide solar & grid monitoring for users who either a) have solar inverters not directly supported by Charge HQ, or b) would like to add grid monitoring to their existing solar system.

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Solar Analytics "Classic" energy meters are compatible with Charge HQ. The energy meters are broadly compatible with all makes and models of rooftop solar and involve an additional meter (as pictured) being installed in your switchboard).

If you are using Solar Analytics Integrated, where Solar Analytics obtains your solar data from your inverter directly, you should connect Charge HQ to your inverter API directly; you should not connect Charge HQ to Solar Analytics. Charge HQ can obtain data from your inverter directly with less delays than going via Solar Analytics Integrated.

For more details on Solar Analytics Classic and Integrated please see this page.

Solar Analytics Classic Meter

Availability & Installation

Solar Analytics energy monitors are sold in Australia and New Zealand, predominantly via installers of rooftop solar systems.

You can contact Solar Analytics directly for pricing & installation enquiries.

Supported Configurations

Solar Analytics devices are flexible and can be installed in different ways, in particular they can monitor different circuits and supplies. In all cases, Charge HQ only uses data from CTs (a.k.a. channels) which are monitoring solar generation, grid connection and batteries. Charge HQ will ignore all other circuits.

Charge HQ supports the following configurations:

Solar and Grid
- 1 or more CTs installed on solar inverter output(s)
- 1 or more CTs installed on grid connection(s)

This is the most common configuration and enables all features in Charge HQ. If you have a home battery, please see the notes below.

If you have a second, unmonitored solar inverter, Charge HQ will still work. Please enable the Negative Consumption setting in this case, although Charge HQ should enable this for you after a while.

Solar Only
- 1 or more CTs installed on solar inverter output(s)
- Grid connection not monitored

In this configuration, Charge HQ can track solar generation only.

If you have a second, unmonitored solar inverter, Charge HQ can only track the generation of the monitored inverter(s).

Grid Only
- 1 or more CTs installed on grid connection(s)
- Solar inverter not monitored

This configuration requires some specific solar tracking settings to be configured.

AC-coupled Battery
If your system includes an AC-coupled battery and this battery is monitored by a CT, some of Charge HQ's battery features will work. Please let us know if you have such a setup.

DC-coupled Battery
Charge HQ will have limited functionality with a DC-coupled battery and Solar Analytics, because it can't see what the battery is doing. The home battery will usually charge before the EV, although this may reverse at times.

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