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Contact Us

If you need assistance with configuration of Charge HQ, please start with the support articles which provide detailed documentation and configuration guides.

The community forum is our preferred support channel. You will receive the most comprehensive and timely assistance from our team here.

You can also email us on info@chargehq.net (but please try and use the forum first).

We don't offer phone support.

If you'd like to know when we'll add support for your solar, battery or EV please first check a) Solar Data Support Register, b) Wall Charger Support Register and c) guidance on development prioritisation & timing.

Equipment Support

Request support for Solar Inverter, Home Batteries or EV Chargers.

Feature Requests

Please tell us your ideas for things you'd like the app to do that it doesn't.


Help us improve Charge HQ. We're always keen to hear any feedback about your experience.