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Partner with Charge HQ

Charge HQ started with a driver-first, and user led approach to product design to develop a solution that EV owners genuinely want to use. Since first release, this approach has seen robust organic adoption.

Whilst this user-first approach will always remain core to the Charge HQ product, we see many opportunities to actively work with vendors, retailers and governments to help accelerate the adoption of EVs and charging from renewable energy.

Wall Charger Manufacturers

Charge HQ brings advanced functionality to supported OCPP compatible EV chargers including charging from rooftop solar, optimising for the cheapest charging times and prioritising the use of renewable energy.

We do this in software requiring only a small configuration change and no additional hardware.

These features will create an improved user experience and reduce charging costs which will increase demand for smart home chargers.

If you'd like to enable support for your charger - please see our OCPP Charger Onboarding Guide.

EV Charger Installers

Charge HQ brings advanced functionality to lower-cost chargers provided they support OCPP. For Tesla vehicles, we can enable this functionality with any wall charger, including the Tesla wall chargers.

By taking a software approach to solar integration, time on site and installation complexity can be reduced by removing the need for CT clamps. Additional cable runs can be avoided where the EV power supply  has already been installed.

In many cases, additional functionality can be offered to your existing customers that have already installed an EV charger.

Electricity Retailers

Charge HQ natively shifts EV charging load to periods of lower-cost energy, actively avoiding periods of peak demand.

We both reduce your wholesale market exposure to peak price events and reduce bill-shock induced customer churn that can be triggered by EV charging for new owners.

As a cloud-based solution, Charge HQ is future-proofed and ready to support new market initiatives such as dynamic operating envelopes, demand response programs, VPPs and demand tariffs.

We are open to reciprocal product promotions which offer genuine value to EV owners and encourage the use of renewable energy.

Solar Inverters, Batteries and Energy Monitors

With the switch to EV often being driven by a desire to act on climate change and reduce emissions, home solar installations or upgrades often accompany the vehicle purchase.

We actively promote the inverters, batteries and energy monitors that we integrate with and see evidence of compatibility impacting purchasing decisions for these appliances.

New partners with stand alone, solar compatible energy monitors are actively being sought to enable compatibility with solar inverters we're unable to integrate with.


We believe governments are in a unique position to influence the increased adoption of smart high power wall chargers which improve the ability to charge from renewable energy, and positively contribute to grid stability the active avoidance of peak demand periods.

As is already being seen in many early government incentive programs, the eligibility requirement that chargers support the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a critical first step.

From the user perspective, they will be more incentivised to install (OCPP compatible) smart chargers with the availability of software such as Charge HQ that provide tangible and immediate benefits.

Please contact us if you are open to working together.