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Charging status

The home screen gives you a live a summary of:

  • Home solar & battery status
  • Grid energy consumption (requires a grid meter)
  • EV charging & battery status

Charging statistics

Charging Stats show you when and how much you charged and where the energy came from. Stats include:

  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly views
  • Energy source breakdown by Solar, Battery & Grid
  • Energy usage in kWh and percentages
  • Percentage of EV charging that was self-powered, i.e. from your solar or battery

Solar tracking

Charge HQ dynamically adjusts the charging power to match the available energy from your rooftop solar PV system.

Solar tracking modes allow you to choose between pure solar only charging or using a mix of solar + grid energy when solar production is low.

Solar tracking allows you to use more of your own solar energy to charge your EV and to reduce the amount of solar which is sent to the grid. This increases your home's self-sufficiency and reduces your charging costs.

Solar tracking EV charging diagram

Solar with grid top-up

Combine solar charging with scheduled charge limits to automatically maintain minimum levels of charge whilst maximising solar utilisation (requires a Tesla EV).

EV battery monitoring

For Tesla vehicles, Charge HQ monitors the level of charge in the battery.

This allows charging from solar to fill the EV battery to say 90%, but if charging from grid overnight only fill to 50%.

This ensures you don't run out of charge but also leaves space for more solar charging on subsequent days, greatly increasing how much charging occurs from your own solar.

This feature is not possible with standard home wall chargers that lack EV battery monitoring.

Home battery awareness

Charge HQ can communicate directly with home batteries via APIs and take them into account via intelligent control algorithms.

This enables solar and battery owners to choose between prioritising charging of the EV or home battery from excess solar.

Renewable energy optimisation

Not everyone can install rooftop solar, and those who can don't always have sufficient excess energy to charge their EV when they're able to plug-in.

The next best option is charging when there's a large amount of renewable energy generation on the grid.

For Australian users (NEM states), Charge HQ maintains a live feed of grid level renewable generation, and allows automation of charging based on user defined limits.

Australian users who are Amber Electric customers can also automate charging based on their live wholesale energy rates.

Advanced scheduling

Control every aspect of scheduled charging from the grid:

  • Define the charging speed for every scheduled charge.
  • Set individual schedules for different days of the week.
  • Tesla owners can set different charge limits for each charging schedule. E.g. charge to 50% on weekday mornings, and 80% on weekends.
  • Define both Start and Stop times for scheduled charging to restrict charging to off-peak tariff periods.
  • Schedule Do Not Charge periods to prevent charging during peak tariff periods.

Data downloads

Download your charging history to perform analysis or prepare reports for tax, leasing or work expense claims.

  • 15 minute, daily and monthly data resolution
  • Customisable reporting periods
  • Itemised by energy source: grid, rooftop solar and home battery
  • Comma separate value (csv) format compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Highly configurable

A uniquely fine grained level of control over EV charging is possible, including setting of:

  • Minimum gross and excess solar generation levels for EV charging
  • Solar tracking offset margins
  • Handling of single phase and 3 phase chargers
  • Allowance for multiple rooftop solar PV systems reporting negative consumption
  • Allowance for systems where the EV charging circuit is not included in the household consumption monitoring

Mobile & web app

Use Charge HQ via the a mobile app, web browser, or both.

Works with your existing equipment

Charge HQ talks to existing EV chargers and solar devices instead of adding new components or replacing them.

If you have a compatible EV or Wall Charger, and a supported source of data for your solar system you can start using Charge HQ today.

Coming soon...

We're constantly improving Charge HQ and adding new features. Check out the feature roadmap to see what we're working on.