Is my setup compatible?

Is my setup compatible?

You may also find our Equipment Compatibility Checking Wizard useful.

If you have a compatible EV or Charger, Charge HQ can control optimise charging of your electric vehicle based on:

  • Energy grid conditions such as level of renewable energy, wholesale price
  • Flexible charging schedules you define in the app

If you also have a compatible Solar Inverter, Battery or Energy monitor, Charge HQ can also optimise charging based on:

  • Your excess rooftop solar energy production

Compatible EVs and Chargers

To use Charge HQ, you must have a supported EV OR a supported smart charger.


Wall chargers (combined with any make/model EV) is one of:

NOTE: if you have a Tesla, Charge HQ will work with any charger, including the Tesla UMC (mobile connector) or HPWC (wall charger), as charging will be controlled via the vehicle, not the charger.

Compatible Solar Inverter / Battery / Energy monitors

Charge HQ can charge from excess rooftop solar if you have any one of the following:

Solar Inverters:

Home Batteries

Energy Monitors


  • Solar inverters must have the optional grid meter to charge from excess solar, if not, charging is based on total solar production.
  • Your solar inverter, battery, or energy monitor must be constantly connected to the Internet.

More information

For a more detailed discussion on compatibility see also the article on minimum hardware requirements.