Ocular IQ Charger Configuration

Ocular IQ Charger Configuration

Once you have obtained the EVSE ID per the OCPP charger configuration guide, you will need to configure the wall charger.

Step 1

Access the browser-based configuration interface for the Ocular IQ per the instructions in the Ocular user manual. This usually involves connecting to the WiFi hotspot created by the charger.

Step 2

Navigate to: User tab -> Basic section and set: 

  • OCPP Server Domain = ocpp.chargehq.net
  • OCPP Server Port = 80
  • OCPP Server URL = /ocpp16
  • OCPP Identity = Set to the EVSE ID provided by the app, per the OCPP charger configuration guide
  • WSS = Disabled
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page

Step 3

Return to the OCPP charger configuration guide.