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EV Charger Support Register

Charge HQ can manage charging by sending commands to either a supported charger or a Tesla vehicle. This page lists the smart charger models which have been tested with Charge HQ. We are endeavouring to support as many smart chargers as possible and will continue to add more over time.

If you have a Tesla vehicle, it doesn't matter which kind of charger you have - Charge HQ can control the charging via the vehicle. It will work with the Tesla UMC (mobile connector), HPWC (wall connector) or any other brand of charger.

Please use the forum to express support for additional wall chargers.

Supported chargers

Whilst each of the chargers listed is compatible with Charge HQ we have more confidence in the operation of those with both higher integration maturity and popularity ranks.

Integration maturity is a measure of our level of confidence in the integration. This takes into account many factors including the observed reliability, the length of time the integration has been used, user reports, and our experience in working with the OCPP interface on the charger.

Popularity gives an indication of the relative number of users for each integration. Larger numbers of users provide a higher degree of confidence in the integration maturity score.


Integration Maturity


Unsupported chargers

All other chargers which are currently not supported but where it may be possible to add support in future. The support status provides guidance on the likelihood of future support.
  • Under development: we are currently working to add support for this charger.
  • Planned: we intend to add support for it soon
  • Pending Review: it may be possible to support but we have no firm plans
  • Not planned: we don't intend to add support for this charger. These chargers often have included support for solar charging or may no longer be current models.


Support status

Charge Amps - HALO
Pending Review
EN+ Caro
Pending Review
EV Nex
Not planned
EVBox - Elvi
Pending Review
Wallbox - Commander 2
Pending Review

Incompatible chargers

A list of chargers we have considered but identified that it is not possible to add support for. Most often this is due to a lack of OCPP support.

Note: Tesla wall chargers do not support any form of remote control. However, charging can be controlled directly with Tesla vehicles which enables Charge HQ compatibility.



ChargePoint Home Flex
No OCPP support
EO - Mini Pro
No OCPP support
No OCPP support
Ocular - Home
No OCPP support
No OCPP support
Rolec - Wallpod: EV
No OCPP support

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