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ABB Terra AC Charger Configuration

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

When an ABB Terra AC charger is connected to Charge HQ, the ABB Charger Sync app and web portal will no longer function.

For ABB chargers, you cannot configure your charger on your own. This must be done via the installer in communication with the ABB support team.

If you haven't already, obtain the Charge HQ OCPP settings from the OCPP charger configuration guide, as discussed below, you won't need the EVSE ID.

Step 1

  • Your installer needs to ask ABB back-office to extend the pre-defined Charge HQ OCPP server address to their Terra Config App. They will confirm with the installer once this has been configured.
  • The installer will then need to configure the charger to connect to your home network with an internet connection.

Step 2

  • Your installer will pair the ABB Terra Config App with your charger via Bluetooth.
  • Via the Dashboard select OCPP Server.
  • Tap the “+” and select the Charge HQ OCPP server from the pre-defined list and tap CONFIGURE (this will be available to the installer as per Step 1). A connection to the Charge HQ server is attempted. It is successful if you receive three ticks against Security Identity, Certificate Upload, Configure Process
  • Tap OK
  • The charger's internet connection indicator (2nd from bottom) will begin to flash whilst connecting. Once connected it will be solid.
  • Record the charger serial number (TACWxx-x-xxxx-yxxxx).

Step 3

  • ABB chargers must use the serial number as the EVSE ID.
  • When you return to the Charge HQ configuration, you can customise the EVSE ID to match the serial number. If you have already added a charger in Charge HQ please delete it and add a new charger with the updated EVSE ID.

Step 4

  • Via the Dashboard select Device Info to see the current connection status to Charge HQ

Step 5

  • Ensure Free Vending is set to ON in the DEVICE MODE window

Step 6

Continue following the  OCPP charger configuration guide.

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