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EV Solar Charging with Solis Inverters

Charge HQ communicates with Solis Solar Inverters to allow you to charge from your home solar with a compatible EV or supported wall charger.

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Charge HQ currently has support for the following Solis equipment:

  • Solar inverter (including those with optional grid meter/CT clamp)
  • Hybrid (battery) inverters
Solis inverterSolis 3 phase inverter

Supported Configurations

Charge from gross solar production
EV charging can be matched to gross solar production for all Internet connected Solis solar Inverters.

Charge from excess solar production
Where an optional Solis energy meter is installed, underlying energy usage in the home is taken into account allowing charging to match only the excess solar production.

Grid Monitoring Options

If you would like to match your EV charging to excess solar production (rather than gross solar production) you will need a separate meter installed to monitor home energy consumption. For Solis inverters, your options include:

Grid Meter
Supplied by Solis this monitor integrates directly with the Solis inverter provides visibility of all of your home energy consumption in the Solis app.

Stand alone solar and grid monitoring
A separate solar and grid monitor can be installed to provide Charge HQ with a compatible solar data source.

Australian users: Wattwatchers, Solar Analytics

AC Coupled batteries
Users with a Solis solar system that also have a supported AC coupled battery can rely on the battery integration which will include grid monitoring. A separate grid meter for the solar inverter is not required in such cases.

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