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Home Battery System Support Register

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

Charge HQ is endeavouring to support as many home battery systems as possible and will continue to add more over time. This page provides a guide as to the current status of support.

In many cases a compatible solar inverter or energy monitor will be an alternative to battery support. Please make sure you review our guide on minimum hardware requirements and work arounds.

Please use the forum to express support for a home battery system.

AC vs DC Coupled Batteries

Home battery systems are installed either as a standalone device (also referred to AC coupled), or directly connected to a hybrid solar inverter (also referred to as DC coupled). Charge HQ supports both kinds of battery systems.

For AC coupled batteries, eg Powerwall 2, Charge HQ connects to the battery and does not connect to the solar inverter. In this case the inverter brand does not matter.

For DC coupled batteries, eg SolarEdge with LG Chem, Charge HQ connects to the solar inverter. For additional details see the Solar Inverter page.


Pending Review - AC Coupled

  • Redback AC coupled batteries
  • BYD
  • ABB Fimer
  • Sonnen
  • Q Cells Q Home
  • Eguana

Pending Review - DC Coupled

The following batteries are installed in a DC coupled fashion, use with Charge HQ is based on support for the Solar Inverter they're connected to.

  • Solax Triple Power
  • Solarwatt Flex
  • Redflow ZCell

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