Fronius Inverter Setup

Fronius Inverter Setup

You may find the setup process easier using a computer rather than a phone.

Charge HQ supports all Fronius inverters provided they can be monitored in the Fronius Solarweb app or web site. Hybrid inverters with a battery are supported.

Step 1

Browse to and login with your Fronius account.


NOTE: If SETTINGS is not available please contact your solar installer and ask them to grant you Supervisor access to your system in Solarweb.

It is normal for system owners to have Supervisor access to their system but sometimes installers don't enable it.

Step 2

Click ADD.

NOTE: don't click GENERATE URL FOR GUEST ACCESS, that is not required by Charge HQ.

Step 3

Add with Guest rights.

This gives Charge HQ permission to access your Fronius data.

Note: this will add as a Pending Invitation. This invitation will be automatically accepted when you perform Step 5 below.

Step 4

Copy the pvSystemId value from the URL bar. Do not include the "=".

Step 5

Paste the pvSystemId value into Charge HQ and click SAVE.

Tip: you can use the Charge HQ webapp to paste the value into on your computer - you don't need to use the mobile app.

You will see a success message if it works. You should now see your solar generation on the home screen of Charge HQ.

Tip: if you receive an error, try clicking Save again. Sometimes it takes a while for the Solarweb access to be enabled. If you continue to receive errors after several attempts, please contact us at