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EV Solar Charging with Fronius Inverters

Charge HQ communicates with Fronius Inverters to allow you to charge from your home solar with a compatible EV or supported wall charger.

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All Fronius inverters are compatible provided they can be monitored in the Fronius Solarweb app or website.

Hybrid inverters with a DC coupled battery are supported.

Fronius Smart Meters are compatible.

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Supported Configurations

Charge from gross solar production
EV charging can be matched to gross solar production for all Internet connected Fronius Solar Inverters.

Charge from excess solar production
Where an optional Fronius Smart Meter is installed, underlying energy usage in the home is taken into account allowing charging to match only the excess solar production.

DC Coupled batteries
Where a home battery is connected directly to and controlled by the Fronius Inverter, Charge HQ will have visibility of the battery. Choice of EV vs Home Battery charging prioritisation is supported.

Multiple Fronius inverters
Where multiple Internet connected Fronius inverters are installed, if both inverters are connected to the same Fronius SolarWeb login, Charge HQ will be able to see the combined output. For other configurations see our guide on multiple inverters.

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