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Tesla Vehicle and Powerwall Configuration

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

A technical guide about how the Tesla connection process to Charge HQ works is available here.

Supported Tesla Equipment

  • Vehicles: All features will work with all models of Tesla S, X, 3 & Y.
  • Powerwall: All features will work with Powerwall 2 & 3. Powerwall 1 is not supported.

Step 1: Connect your Tesla account

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of the Charge HQ mobile app (v2.5 or higher), or login to the webapp at https://app.chargehq.net
  • Tap on Settings -> My Equipment -> Connect your Tesla
  • Tap Connect Tesla. You will be taken to the Tesla login screen
  • Enter your Tesla account login details. You must use the vehicle owner's Tesla account, otherwise the pairing (step 2) will not work.
  • You will now be asked to grant Charge HQ access to your Tesla account. Select the required permissions:
  • - Vehicle Information - Required for ALL USERS, even if you don't have a Tesla EV
  • - Vehicle Charging Management - Required if you have a Tesla EV
  • - Energy Product Information - Required if you have Tesla Solar or a Powerwall
  • - Energy Product Commands - Optional, for future features
  • Then click the Allow button at the bottom.
  • Charge HQ will not work unless the required options are selected. Learn more.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Tesla when you have completed Step 1.

Charge HQ will now connect to your Tesla account and will display your vehicle(s) and Powerwall if present.

Step 2: Pair your Tesla Vehicle

  • Ensure you have the Tesla app installed on your phone, version 4.29.x or above
  • If you have multiple Tesla devices (vehicles or Powerwall), open the Tesla app and swipe left or right until the vehicle you wish to pair is displayed on screen
  • In the Charge HQ app, go to Settings -> My Equipment -> Tesla
  • Click the Vehicle Pairing link
  • Click the "Pair My Vehicle" button
  • You will be redirected to the Tesla app. If you are not redirected to the Tesla app, try this link: https://www.tesla.com/_ak/tesla.chargehq.net
  • You will be requested to allow third party access to Charge HQ
  • Click Approve
  • You will receive a confirmation via the Tesla app when the pairing is complete.
  • Note: if you don't see the screenshots below in the Tesla app, see the troubleshooting notes below.

If pairing fails

See the troubleshooting guide below.

Step 3: Configure Scheduled Charging

We recommend configuring a scheduled charge in the vehicle and in the Charge HQ app. The app will then be configured to override the vehicle scheduler as required. This approach provides a safety net of ensuring the vehicle receives some charge in the event of a communication or service outage. It also prevents brief unwanted charging every time the vehicle is plugged in.

The scheduled charge in the Charge HQ app can be set with a minimum amount of charge that your EV needs. For example, set a vehicle limit of 90% and a scheduled charge limit of 50%.

If the vehicle battery is above 50% at the time of the scheduled charge it will not charge from the grid. If it hasn't received sufficient solar charging during the day and is below 50%, it will be topped up to this minimum level overnight.

To configure, please follow our guide for Using Tesla Scheduled Charging with Charge HQ

Step 4: Do Not Add Your Charger

Do not try to add your charger to Charge HQ. Charge HQ controls charging via the Tesla vehicle, not via the wall charger. It doesn't matter if you use the Tesla HPWC (wall charger) or UMC (mobile charger) or both, or any other charger.

If you add a Smart Charger to Charge HQ and don't actually have a smart charger, Charge HQ will no longer be able to control charging because it is waiting for the Smart Charger to connect.

Step 5: Multiple Vehicle Setup

If you have multiple vehicles visible from your Tesla account Charge HQ will allow you to select one vehicle to control. Currently only one vehicle can be controlled by a single Charge HQ account at any time.

Ensure you have unique names configured for each vehicle.

See our guide on working with multiple vehicles for current work arounds.

Step 6: Powerwall & Tesla Solar setup

If you have a Powerwall, Charge HQ will detect and configure it when you add your Tesla account. You should see your solar and Powerwall data on the home screen.

Charge HQ obtains all solar and battery data from the Powerwall. Please do not try to add your solar inverter as well.

Multiple Powerwall Sites

If your Tesla account is linked to multiple Powerwall sites, Charge HQ allows selecting the current site by navigating to My Hardware -> Tesla Account. Charge HQ currently only supports one site at once. Switching between sites must be done manually.

Tesla Solar

If you have a solar system installed by Tesla with a Gateway or a Tesla Solar Inverter and you can see your solar production in the Tesla app, Charge HQ will detect and configure it when you add your Tesla account. You should see your solar data on the home screen.


Third party access grant correction

If you did not select all options for information sharing when connecting your Tesla account you will need to remove the existing configuration and complete the setup process again.

  1. First remove the existing Charge HQ Third Party Access via the Tesla Portal. This link will take you directly to the page. You will need to login with your Tesla account details.
  2. Click the "Remove Access" button at the bottom of the page
  3. In the Charge HQ app, go to Settings -> My Equipment -> Tesla account
  4. Click Reconnect or Disconnect
  5. Repeat the Tesla setup process at the top of this page starting with Step 1: Connect your Tesla Account

Token Rejected

A small number of users may receive a token rejected message when attempting to complete Step 1. We believe this is due to a bug in the Tesla API.

If you receive this error message, please wait 3+ hours and try again.

Pairing problems

Vehicle pairing (step 2) may fail for a number of reasons:

  • if you don't have sufficient rights,
  • if you have an older model vehicle which does not require pairing,
  • your vehicle is offline, or
  • the pairing links don't work

Owner rights

If you do not have owner rights, you can pair your vehicle as follows.

You will need to:

  • Have the latest version of the Tesla app (at least 4.29.x) installed on your phone
  • Be in the vehicle with the key card

Click the pairing link provided by the Charge HQ app, then

  • You will be prompted to allow third-party access to the vehicle, click "Approve"
  • Click "Use Key Card" when prompted
  • Click "Approve" when prompted to allow third party access to the vehicle
  • Tap the Key Card on the centre console when requested

Compatible Vehicles

  • All Model 3 & Model Y vehicles must be paired to use Charge HQ.
  • Pre 2021 Model S and X vehicles do not support or require pairing.
  • Charge HQ should indicate when pairing is not required.
  • If you attempt to pair an incompatible vehicle you will see the following error message:

Your vehicle is offline

Pairing will fail if your Tesla EV is offline at the time you attempt pairing. In such cases you will see the error below. To resolve, wake your vehicle, ensure it's connected to WiFi, or wait until the vehicle is in a location with good mobile / cell phone reception. A vehicle reset using the scroll wheels may also help.

Pair my vehicle button does not work

Clicking the pairing link in the app should immediately redirect you to the Tesla app AND you should be prompted to allow third party access to your vehicle per the screenshots in step 2. If this doesn't work you'll see this screen which leaves you in a loop.

The pairing process relies on a deep link which passes the address of the Charge HQ virtual key to the Tesla app. These links do not work reliably for some users. Please try the following methods until you find one that works.

  • Ensure you have the Tesla app installed on your phone, version 4.25.5 or above
  • There is a known bug that contributes to this problem. Force close the Tesla app or reboot your phone and retry the process.
  • Open the Tesla app, and check that the vehicle you want to pair is selected
  • From the phone with your Tesla app installed, click this link: https://www.tesla.com/_ak/tesla.chargehq.net
  • In the Charge HQ app, go to Settings -> My Equipment -> Tesla Vehicle account -> Vehicle Pairing: Click the "Send Pairing Link" button, then click the pairing link that is included in the email.
  • Click the above pairing link on a desktop computer, you should see a page similar to the screenshot immediately above except it should contain a QR code, scan the QR code using your mobile device with the Tesla app installed.
  • If you have an iPhone, try using Safari in preference to other browsers.
  • If you have an Android phone, try using Chrome in preference to other browsers.
  • If you have an iPhone, try copying and pasting the pairing link above into an Apple note and clicking it from there.

I don't have a vehicle pairing link

  • Some vehicles (such as older Model S & X) do not require pairing. In such cases the vehicle pairing link is not displayed.
  • If you have multiple vehicles select any Model 3, Y, or newer model S & X to enable pairing.

Remember: do not try to add your Tesla charger to Charge HQ!

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