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EV Solar Charging with Alpha ESS Batteries

Charge HQ communicates with Alpha ESS Batteries to allow you to charge from your home solar with a compatible EV or supported wall charger.

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Charge HQ supports all Internet connected Alpha ESS batteries.

AlphaESS battery

Supported Configurations

Note: The primary purpose of the Charge HQ integration with Alpha ESS batteries is to obtain a near real time source of data about your home energy consumption and solar production. Once configured you are able to choose between charging from solar or grid along with prioritisation of EV vs home battery charging.

Charge from gross solar production
EV charging can be matched to gross solar production.

Charge from excess solar production
EV charging can be matched excess solar production.

EV vs Home Battery prioritisation
Charge priority can be configured for charging of EV or the Alpha ESS battery when excess solar energy is available.

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