Wallbox Configuration

Wallbox Configuration

This page contains instructions for configuring Wallbox brand chargers with Charge HQ.

Always follow the safety instructions in the installation guide and use a qualified electrician as required.

Models and Firmware

The following models and firmware versions have been tested with Charge HQ:

  • Wallbox Pulsar Plus, firmware 5.11.14


Wallbox Support Site

Known Issues

The STOP function, activated manually in Charge HQ, does not work with Wallbox chargers. The charging will stop and will then restart immediately and the charge mode will return to AUTO. This issue should be resolved by a Wallbox firmware update in future.

Step 1

Once you have obtained the EVSE ID per the OCPP charger configuration guide, you will need to configure the wall charger.

Install the Wallbox app on your phone (available on the app stores) and follow the prompts to connect to your charger. This is usually done via Bluetooth.

The charger must be configured to connect to your home WiFi network as it requires internet access.

Step 2

Select OCPP settings

In the OCPP settings, configure:

  • URL: wss://ocpp.chargehq.net/ocpp16
  • Charge point identify: <as provided by Charge HQ, eg abc123>.
  • Password: <blank>
  • Tick the Terms and Conditions
  • Click SAVE

The charger should connect to Charge HQ within a minute or so. A reboot should not be required, but may be worth a try if the charger is not connecting.

For trouble-shooting instructions see the OCPP charger configuration guide.