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OCPP Charger Onboarding

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

The Charge HQ app can enable smart charging features for residential charging on wall chargers which support the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) v1.6(J).

OCPP implementation variations

OCPP is an open standard with a published specification, but the specification itself leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

In practice we have found that there is regularly variation in how much of the standard different chargers implement, and the accuracy of the intended level of support. Different chargers may respond to commands and events in different ways and yet still be considered compliant with the specification.

With this in mind, in order to enable operation of an OCPP compliant charger with Charge HQ an onboarding process required.

At a high level this involves:

  1. Testing the default configuration of the charger.
  2. Identifying areas of non-compliance with the standard, or incompatibility with the current Charge HQ implementation of OCPP.
  3. Charge HQ implementing work arounds in our application where deemed appropriate, OR
  4. The OCPP implementation on the charger being updated by the vendor via firmware updates to address areas of incompatibility.
  5. Testing the updated software.

Onboarding pathways

The work involved in the testing and onboarding process can be completed under three different models.

Vendor led

We have developed a Smart Charger Test Tool which allows for wall charger vendors to complete much of the testing process independently.

Once the vendor has identified any compatibility constraints via this process, we will work with you to identify possible resolutions. If they can be addressed via changes to the chargers OCPP implementation onboarding may continue through to completion on the Vendor led pathway.

If changes are required to the Charge HQ we will advise options for completing integration via a Vendor sponsored or Charge HQ led models.

To initiate onboarding under this process, please see the OCPP Charger Testing Procedure.

Charge HQ sponsored

For many chargers, Charge HQ will elect to complete all onboarding work for a charger at our cost. The level of interest from users and installers of each charger along with the availability of supply are the primary factors for us in choosing which chargers to sponsor.

In most cases we require a charger on loan at our Sydney location. This process usually does not take more than a few weeks but can take longer if vendor updates to charger firmware are required.

Vendor sponsored

In cases where Charge HQ has not sponsored onboarding of a charger, and the Vendor Led approach has been unsuccessful or not possible, Charge HQ can undertake the onboarding work at cost to the charger vendor.

The vendor sponsored pathway may be an option for accelerating the onboarding of a charger which had not otherwise been prioritised.

Vendors should contact us for a fee proposal and estimated timing for onboarding work.

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