Solar Analytics Setup

Solar Analytics Setup

Solar Analytics: Classic vs Integrated

Charge HQ only supports the use of Solar Analytics "Classic", where a separate Solar Analytics device has been installed in your switchboard. If you are using Solar Analytics Integrated, where Solar Analytics obtains your solar data from your inverter directly, you should connect Charge HQ to your inverter API directly; you should not connect Charge HQ to Solar Analytics. Charge HQ can obtain data from your inverter directly with less delays than going via Solar Analytics Integrated.

For more details on Solar Analytics Classic and Integrated please see this page.

Step 1

Open the Charge HQ app, choose My Equipment from the menu, then select Add Solar Data Source

Select Type = Solar Analytics from the list.

Step 2

Enter details:

  • Solar Analytics Username & Password: set those which you use to login to the Solar Analytics portal/app.
  • API Type: Choose Live. The Public API is much slower.

Click Save.

Step 3

Solar Analytics should now be configured, providing Charge HQ with visibility of your solar production and grid import and exports.

If you need further assistance configuring Charge HQ, please see the step by step setup guide.