Charging Settings

Charging Settings

This guide covers the basic charging settings. See detailed guides for:

Home Screen

Control Mode:

  • Stop: Ceases any active or scheduled charging, including solar tracking.
  • Auto: Allows solar charging and scheduled charging to operate. Price limits will apply if set.
  • Charge Now: forces the EV to charge using the Charge Amps rate below until the Charge Limit is reached. Price limits are ignored.

Note: the control mode will reset to Auto each time the vehicle is unplugged.

Selected Vehicle: This control is visible if you have multiple Tesla vehicles under your Tesla account. Charge HQ will currently only control a single vehicle at any given time.

Charge Limit: sets percentage the vehicle battery will be charged to when charging from solar or in Charge Now mode. Note that separate (lower) limits can be applied to scheduled charging.

Charge Amps: Sets the maximum charge rate in Amps. This is used in Charge Now mode. This can generally be set the maximum level available unless you have a reason for reducing it. Note that separate limits are set for scheduled charging.

Charging Settings Page

Charging Control Enabled: Set to on to enable control by Charge HQ. Turning off will stop Charge HQ from performing any form of control of your EV or wall charger.

Home Location: Uses the GPS in your vehicle to set the home location. Where charging is controlled directly via the EV, this setting is used to ensure Charge HQ does not interfere with charging whilst the vehicle is away from home. It is strongly recommended to set your home location.

Scheduled Chargingsee detailed guide

Price and Renewables (Australian users only)see detailed guide, includes

  • Price Source
  • Amber API Token
  • NEM Region
  • Do Not Charge Price
  • Always Charge Price
  • Min Renewables

Default Charge Amps: sets the default charging rate for Charge Now and Auto control modes. This value can not exceed the maximum provided by the charger or vehicle.

Solar Tracking: see detailed guide