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Advanced Settings

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

This page describes the advanced settings. Most users will not need to change any of these settings.

Go to Settings tab -> Advanced Settings menu item

Max Charge Amps

Sets the maximum amps used for charging in all modes, including solar tracking. Charge HQ will not allow charging above this rate in any mode. This setting is useful for those who need to limit their charging rate to avoid tripping a circuit breaker.

If not set, charging can occur up to the max amps allowed by the charging equipment.

Note for Teslas: if you start charging from the Tesla app and Charge HQ detects "external control", Charge HQ will not prevent you from increasing the charge amps above this value using the Tesla app.

Default Charge Amps

Sets the default charging power (in amps), which is used when solar tracking is not active. Defaults to the maximum charge rate. The charge amps will revert to this value whenever the following occurs:

  • The vehicle is unplugged, or
  • "Charge Now" is activated, or
  • Charging is started by the vehicle (including the vehicle's scheduler) or from the Tesla app.

When charging is started from the vehicle (including the vehicle's scheduler) or the Tesla app, Charge HQ will change the charge amps to this value *once*, then it will no longer change the charge amps. This is to ensure that the charging does not occur at the last rate used by solar tracking, which is often the minimum amps.

This value can not exceed Max Charge Amps.

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