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Subscription Management

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

Two plans are currently offered. The Free Plan and the Solar Plan.

Free Plan

  • The Free Plan offers all features available in Charge HQ with the exception of solar charging.
  • All new accounts created on Charge HQ are automatically assigned to the Free Plan.

Solar Plan

  • The Solar Plan includes all of the features of the Free Plan but adds the ability to automatically control the charge rate based on availalble solar energy.

Free trial

  • After configuring a source of solar data on your account, will be given the option of starting a free 60 day trial of the Solar Plan.
  • This is a full featured trial which operates in the same way as a paid subscription.
  • We recommend users make use of the free trial period to confirm that a paid subscription meets their requirements.
  • No credit card details or payment information are required to use the free trial and there is no obligation to take up a subscription at the end of the trial.
  • The free trial is offered only once for each user account.
  • If you provide payment details during the trial your account will automatically convert to a paid subscription at the end of the trial. If no payment details are provided it will revert to the Free Plan at the end of the trial.


  • Solar Plan subscriptions are offered on a monthly or annual basis, with a discount offered for annual payment.
  • Payment is accepted via credit card or debit card only.
  • Australian users will be billed in AUD, users from all other countries are billed in USD.
  • All subscription management is performed within the mobile or web app via Settings -> My Account -> Billing / Subscription.
  • If you cancel your subscription to the Solar Plan, it will revert to the features included on the Free Plan.

Early adopters

  • As gratitude for the support and assistance in trialling early versions of the Charge HQ app, early adopters have been granted free access to the service until further notice. These users may still switch to a paid plan if they choose in order to provide support for ongoing development of the service.
  • Early adopters have been notified via email and can confirm their account status in the billing section of the app.

Payment processing

  • Monthly subscriptions will automatically be billed to the credit card details provided.
  • Annual subscriptions will be reminded 1 week prior to the subscription renewal and then charged on the billing anniversary.
  • Payments are processed via Stripe.
  • If a payment request is rejected it will be retried multiple times. If unsuccessful you will be notified via email.
  • If we are unable to process payment for your account Solar Plan subscriptions will automatically be downgraded to the Free Plan.


  • Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.
  • Cancelled subscriptions will remain active until the expiry date to which they have been paid up to.
  • Subscription cancellation requests should be made no later than the day before the subscription is due for renewal.
  • Requests for refunds will be processed inline with our Refund Policy.

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