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Refund Policy

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

Charge HQ does not issue refunds for subscription payments unless Charge HQ is no longer able to provide the service described on an ongoing basis.

All plans are offered with a generous free trial period to allow users to confirm compatibility, complete configuration and use the service to ensure it meets their requirements.

Monthly vs Annual Billing

All plans are offered with both monthly and annual billing options. The annual billing option provides a significant discount over the monthly billing option and is provided in return for the non-refundable 12 month upfront payment for the service. If you are unsure that you will continue to use the service for a full 12 month period, we recommend starting with the monthly billing option.

Subscription Cancellation

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time via the app. Cancelled subscriptions will remain active until the next billing anniversary (monthly or annual). Once a subscription has been cancelled no further charges will be applied to your card.


In the event that Charge HQ is permanently unable to provide the services covered by the subscription, Charge HQ will refund upon request the unused portion of annual subscriptions. This may include situations where the service cannot be provided due to changes or loss of access to third party APIs. Monthly subscriptions are non refundable.


If there is a material but non-permanent degradation of services, Charge HQ may at its discretion apply credits or discounts to users with active subscriptions.

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