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EV Solar Charging with SMA Inverters


Charge HQ is NOT currently compatible with SMA Solar Inverters.

We have engaged with SMA but have been unable to complete an integration. Solar production data available in the SMA API is not updated frequently enough for use with Charge HQ.

Charge HQ enables smart solar charging for users without having to buy any new equipment by working with data that’s already being collected by solar inverter manufacturers. When it works we can make use of existing equipment and save users the cost and waste of replacing existing chargers.

On the flip side, it means we’re dependent on how the manufacturers make this data available via their APIs and online portals. This includes things like how frequently they update the data, how often they allow third parties to access the data and the methods of granting access to it.

The way we use the data is a little novel so it's to be expected that not all inverter manufactures systems will be compatible with our requirements.

Over time we expect that more inverter manufactures will make data available in a format which we can use. We will also continue to add support for alternative data sources such as third-party energy monitors that can be accessed in many markets.

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Alternatives & Workarounds

Stand alone solar and grid monitoring
A separate solar and grid monitor can be installed to provide Charge HQ with a compatible solar data source.

Australian users: Wattwatchers, Solar Analytics

AC Coupled batteries
Users with an SMA solar system that also have a supported AC coupled battery can rely on the battery integration. SMA support is not required in such cases.

Push API integration
Tech-savvy users that can write code may be able to develop their own local integration via our Push API.

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