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Using Powerpal to monitor grid consumption with Charge HQ


Charge HQ is NOT compatible with Powerpal energy monitors

Whilst Powerpal energy monitors provide a good source of data on how much energy your home is consuming from the grid, they do not provide any data on your solar production or energy exports to the grid.

The flashing light on the utility meter that Powerpal reads energy consumption data from does not flash whilst the site is exporting data or give any indication of export volumes.

Charge HQ currently only works with a single source of data about energy consumption and production. We cannot combine the Powerpal data with solar inverter data.

We currently do not expect to add support for Powerpal to Charge HQ in future.

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Alternatives & Workarounds

Energy metering on your solar inverter
If you have a supported solar inverter, you can install an energy meter for the inverter which will supply Charge HQ with data about your home energy consumption along with your solar production. Learn more about grid monitoring.

Stand alone solar and grid monitoring
A separate solar and grid monitor can be installed to provide Charge HQ with a compatible solar data source.

Australian users: Wattwatchers, Solar Analytics

AC Coupled batteries
Users with a solar system that also have a supported AC coupled battery can rely on the battery integration. A separate energy meter is not required in such cases.

Push API integration
Tech-savvy users that can write code may be able to develop their own local integration via our Push API or use one of the community sourced integrations.

Learn more