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Smart Charger Recommendations - 2024

March 6, 2024

Charge HQ has support for a range of smart chargers and we’re often asked for a recommendation on which option works best with our app. It's hard to pick a favourite as each have their strong points.

How they compare

Whilst all of the chargers on our supported list will perform the same functions when connected to Charge HQ, they vary in terms of:

  • Build quality, appearance and size of the wall unit
  • Ease of use of the configuration interfaces and any app provided by the vendor
  • Level of support and documentation from the vendor
  • Reliability - how well they stay connected to our platform without the need for intervention (such as rebooting).

Premium charger

The Wallbox Pulsar Max is the most popular charger amongst Charge HQ users.

The mobile app is polished and easy to use, making configuration and connection to Charge HQ a breeze.

Solar charging works well via OCPP and there’s also an optional energy meter for native solar charging if you decide not to use Charge HQ.

When combined with Charge HQ, the single-phase charger currently makes better use of solar, supporting speeds from 1.4 kW to 7.4 kW. The 3-phase version has a minimum charge rate of 4 kW and a maximum of 11 kW (if supported by your EV). Learn more about single phase vs 3 phase charging from solar.

Low-cost charger

The ZJ Beny is one of the cheapest OCPP-compatible chargers on the market.

There’s no mobile app and the configuration interface is not very user-friendly. You’ll only use it for the initial setup though, with the Charge HQ app providing all day-to-day control and monitoring.

Their dynamic load control meter can be used in conjunction with Charge HQ. This allows the charger to reduce speed to keep total home loads below the main breaker limit if you have a small grid connection.

Be careful when ordering the charger as only the OCPP version (which shares a model number with a non-OCPP version) is compatible with Charge HQ.

Special mention

The Fronius Wattpilot is a relatively new entrant in the Australian market that’s proving popular amongst users. It's a small and sleek socketed charger (no tethered option available).

Like the Wallbox it comes with a well-designed mobile app for easy configuration. Documentation is extensive.

The Go version comes with a 32 Amp plug allowing you to easily take this charger with you when you travel or relocate.

There are 11 and 22 kW models, each available as either single or 3 phase. If you have a single phase power supply, make sure you purchase a 22 kW model (as the 11 kW version is limited to 3.68 kW max charging power).

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