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AlphaESS Outage 2023-11-04


AlphaESS connections are broken for all users. UPDATE - resolved, action required


Issue status:
First detected:
November 4, 2023 5:30 PM
November 9, 2023 12:00 PM
Date and times are published in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).


UPDATE 2023-11-09 - RESOLVED

AlphaESS connection has been restored, however all existing users must reconnect to AlphaESS using a new procedure. Please refer to Reconnect AlphaESS.

UPDATE 2023-11-08

Charge HQ has been updated to connect to the new AlphaESS API, however there are still some technical issues preventing users from reconnecting. Please wait for further updates before attempting to reconnect.

Impacted users should control charging manually until the issue is resolved. Attempting to disconnect and reconnect to AlphaESS will not fix the issue - it's better to leave your connection in-place.


AlphaESS connections are broken for all users. A recent change to Alpha Cloud has broken the API which Charge HQ uses to obtain data from AlphaESS systems.

We are working with AlphaESS to resolve the issue.