Using Charge HQ with unsupported Solar Inverters & Batteries

Using Charge HQ with unsupported Solar Inverters & Batteries

As outlined in the solar data support register, to use Charge HQ you need to have at least one supported device that can provide us with a source of data about your solar production. This can be from a supported solar inverter, battery or energy monitor.

If we don’t currently support your solar inverter or battery and would like to use Charge HQ now, you may be able to install a supported energy monitor.

These are small additional meters which are normally installed in your switchboard and include sensors which monitor energy flows in your home. They are generally compatible with all brands of solar and can with with both single phase and 3 phase installations.

They usually include your solar production, home energy consumption and or imports or exports from the grid. They can often also monitor your home battery if you have one.

The currently supported energy monitors must be installed by an electrician.

For pricing and supply information please contact the vendor directly or your solar installer.

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