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Release Notes

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

Charge HQ is updated frequently. Many of the updates apply only to the server backend, and don't involve updating the mobile app. All of the smarts are in the backend. The webapp is usually updated before the mobile app.

28 November 2022 - iOS and Android apps

  • Major new feature: Charge Stats. You can now view your charging history (kWh) by day, month or year. For those with solar, you can view the breakdown of where the charging energy came from: solar, battery or the grid.
  • new setting: Keep Cable Locked, for smart chargers which support locking the cable at the charger end
  • display API Key for Push API

24 November 2022 - backend

  • Tesla: adjust polling frequency depending on various factors

15 November 2022 - backend

  • AlphaESS: now working again
  • Various fixes

14 November 2022 - backend

  • API endpoints for charge stats
  • GoodWe: support for HK3000 3-phase HomeKit meter
  • Push API: reject solar data if configured solar data source is not Push API

31 October 2022 - backend

  • Push API: introduce support for API Key

19 October 2022 - iOS and Android apps

  • new setting: Max Charge Amps
  • new Smart Charger Test Tool
  • display feed-in price
  • allow changing email and name
  • fix for iOS password autofill

17 October 2022 - backend

  • Detect out-of-date solar data and stop charging
  • Various fixes

5 October 2022 - backend

  • Enphase support (limited testing)
  • Force Charge Priority to Battery when Consumption Excludes Charging is set

28 September 2022 - backend

  • Solar Analytics: switch all users to faster "live" API

21 September - backend

  • Support Max Charge Amps setting
  • Support 3 phase indicator
  • Various fixes

15 September - backend and webapp

  • App: show feed-in price
  • Don't reset charge amps to default on plug in
  • Amber: use feed-in price instead of spot price
  • Various fixes

9 September - backend and webapp

  • Handle Tesla API returning no vehicles
  • Allow updating email and name
  • Smart charger testing tool
  • Various fixes

8 September - backend

  • Allow updating email and name
  • Support smart charger testing tool
  • ABB Terra AC: stop ignoring Current.Offered
  • Various fixes

27 August - backend

  • Various fixes

26 August - backend

  • Add support for Delta AC MAX charger
  • Clear all stats data due to errors
  • Various fixes for smart chargers

23 August - backend

  • Fronius: fix charge power oscillation caused by data lag
  • Various fixes

20 August - backend

  • Various fixes

19 August  backend

  • Enable smart polling for all remaining solar types
  • Fix battery priority logic when battery is trickle charging
  • Sungrow: handle hybrid inverter with unmonitored 2nd inverter

15 August - backend

  • Fronius: poll every 1 minute instead of 2 minutes
  • Solar Analytics: poll every 1 minute instead of 30 seconds
  • Start gathering charging stats
  • Various fixes

9 August - mobile app and webapp

  • Support for Goodwe inverters
  • Three new advanced solar tracking settings: Negative Consumption, Three Phase Charger, Consumption Excludes Charging
  • Diagnostics now includes charge mode reason, which explains why charging is enabled or disabled
  • Minor layout changes

12 July 2022 - backend

  • Support 120 volt charging solar calculations
  • SolarEdge: prevent solar charging outside of solar hours
  • OCPP: support for MG ChargeHub
  • OCPP: minor fixes

11 July 2022 - backend

  • AlphaESS: fixes for expired tokens

5 July 2022 - backend

  • minor fixes

3 July 2022 - backend

  • AlphaESS: move to cloud.alphaess.com

2 July 2022 - backend

  • Tesla: allow wake when Offline (esp Model S/X)
  • Tesla Solar/Powerwall: discover site config and use to interpret data
  • OCPP: minor fixes

24 June 2022 - backend

  • SolarEdge: reduce delays from 5 minutes to 1 minute (don't poll when not required)

15 June 2022 - mobile app and webapp

  • Allow users to create accounts within the app in real time
  • Included webapp updates from 10th June in the mobile app

10 June 2022 - backend and webapp

  • Allow setting country and timezone
  • Support Tesla Solar sites (no Powerwall)
  • Tesla: show range in miles or kilometres according to vehicle settings
  • Tesla Model S/X: show ideal or rated range according to vehicle settings
  • New setting: Always Charge Price
  • Rename Max Price to Do Not Charge Price, change to use export price when charging from solar
  • Hide grid settings for users outside of Australia
  • Add more help links in the app
  • Various minor fixes

6 June 2022 - backend

  • Fix the solar restart hold timer, change from 30 to 15 minutes

25 May 2022 - backend

  • Fix the external control logic when stopping in solar mode

18 May 2022 - backend and app

  • Allow setting time zone, so scheduled charging can be used in any country.

12 May 2022 - backend

  • Fix occasional incorrect state of Tesla vehicles.
  • Fixes for Wallbox chargers (integration testing still not complete).

6 May 2022 - backend and app

  • Support Tesla account with Powerwall and no vehicles.
  • Auto-configure Solar Data Source when a new Powerwall is added to an account.
  • Allow setting Renewables Percentage limit without setting a Price Source.
  • Fixes for Wallbox chargers (integration testing not yet complete).

27 April 2022 - backend and app

  • Add support for Sungrow consumption meters and hybrid inverters.

7 April 2022 - backend and app

  • Charge amps can no longer be controlled from the Tesla app.
  • Fix solar tracking for Tesla vehicles with MCU1 (unable to change the charge amps)
  • Prevent creating schedule periods with start time > end time.
  • Rename Solar Inverter to Solar Data Source

23 March 2022 - backend

  • Tesla: switched to Tesla SSO tokens when adding account (the old API tokens seem to have been disabled).
  • Fronius: fixed negated battery charge/discharge (oops!).
  • "Always Charge" periods will now start charging when in STOP or EXTERNAL modes.

20 March 2022 - backend, webapp

  • Solar Analytics: switch to "live" API, much faster than the existing "public" API. The live API is a trial, limited to the first 20 users.
  • Tesla: allow selecting Powerwall from Tesla account screen (for accounts with multiple Powerwall sites).
  • Tesla: stop charging immediately when plugged in outside of solar hours when Solar Tracking is enabled (remove 6 minute delay).

12 March 2022 - backend, webapp

  • Charge amps can no longer be changed during Always Charge scheduled periods.

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