GoodWe Inverter Setup

GoodWe Inverter Setup

Supported Equipment

Charge HQ currently has support for the following GoodWe equipment:

  • Solar inverter: all kinds, except hybrid
  • HomeKit HK1000 energy meter (single phase)
  • HomeKit HK3000 energy meter (three phase)

The following equipment is not currently supported:

  • SEC1000 smart energy controller / meter (single or three phase)
  • Hybrid (battery) inverters

If you have any of the equipment on the unsupported list please email us and we'll investigate adding support.

Step 1

Open the Charge HQ app, choose My Equipment from the menu, then select Add Solar Data Source

Select Type = GoodWe from the list.

Step 2

Enter details:

  • GoodWe Username & Password: set those which you use to login to the GoodWe portal/app.
  • These should have been provided to you by your solar installer at the time of system installation.

Click Save

Step 3

Your GoodWe inverter should now be configured, providing Charge HQ with visibility of your solar production. If you have an optional grid meter the app will also be aware of grid imports and exports.

If you need further assistance configuring Charge HQ, please see the step by step setup guide.