MG ChargeHub Configuration

MG ChargeHub Configuration

Always follow the safety instructions in the installation guide and use a qualified electrician as required.


Step 1

Once you have obtained the EVSE ID per the OCPP charger configuration guide, you will need to configure the wall charger.

Access the browser-based configuration interface on the MG ChargeHub per the instruction manual. This usually involves connecting to the WiFi hotspot created by the charger.

NOTE: if the MG ChargeHub has been connected to your local WiFi network it will no longer provide a WiFi hotspot, and you must connect to the charger using its IP address on your local network. This can usually be discovered by accessing your WiFi router's interface.

Step 2

In the Quick Setup page:

  • ChargePoint Id: <as provided by Charge HQ, eg abc123>.
  • Click Submit for the ChargePoint Id before continuing
  • IP or Domain Name:
  • SSL Enable: enable
  • Port: 443
  • Path: /ocpp16
  • Click Submit for the OCPP Setting
  • Card Type: Billing card.
  • Click Submit for the Functions Enable

The charger should connect to Charge HQ within a minute or so. A reboot should not be required, but may be worth a try if the charger is not connecting.

For trouble-shooting instructions see the OCPP charger configuration guide.

Firmware Versions

The following firmware versions have been confirmed to work with Charge HQ: