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How will the new official third party Tesla API impact Charge HQ?

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

UPDATE 2023-12-02

The Charge HQ mobile app has been updated to support upgrading your Tesla connection. If your vehicle is not accepting commands, please update Charge HQ to the latest version and follow the prompts.

See this guide for instructions.

UPDATE 2023-11-24

Tesla have announced that the old API will stop working on vehicles as follows:

  • November 2023 -newly delivered vehicles will only support the new API
  • Nov - Dec 2023 - the old API will stop working on existing vehicles that have not used the old API in the preceding 30 days
  • January 2024 - the old API will stop working on all vehicles

We are working full-time on this migration.

Vehicles on which the old API has stopped working will display an error on the Charge HQ home page. We should have a solution for these vehicles next week. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE 2023-11-21

We are making progress on integrating to the new API.

Tesla have advised that different plans with different rate limits will be made available, possibly announced by the end of 2023. When these plans are announced we will comment on how the rate limits will impact Charge HQ.

A small number of vehicles (around 0.5%) are now rejecting commands from Charge HQ via the unofficial API. These vehicles can not be used with Charge HQ currently. See this status event for details.

UPDATE 2023-10-25

Current status:

  • Submitted an API access request
  • Conducting detailed review of technical capabilities
  • Engaged directly with Tesla regarding our use case


Charge HQ like all other third party Tesla apps, has been using the unofficial Tesla API. This is the same API that was built to support the Tesla mobile app but was never designed for third party use.

In October 2023, Tesla announced they would be introducing an official third party API with a view to sunsetting use of the unofficial API at some point in future. This is an exciting development which indicates a long term commitment to working with third parties such as Charge HQ via API based services.

The new API offers significant improvements in security and may enable further feature development not currently possible. The new API also includes some changes to messaging rate limits - the details of this are yet to be determined.

Charge HQ is actively working on a transition. Updates will be posted on this guide, our Facebook group and via product updates as we progress.

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