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Account suspension

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

If you’d like to stop using Charge HQ for now but think you might come back to it in future you may wish to suspend control rather than permanently delete your account.

Disable Charge HQ Control

From the settings tab, use the toggle to disable Charging Control.

This will cause Charge HQ to no longer send any commands to your EV or wall charger.

All connections to your solar, EV and wall charger will remain in place, and Charge HQ will continue to gather your charging data.

If you re-enable your account via the same toggle in future, your account will immediately become active again.

Cancel subscription

If you are using a paid subscription - please cancel it via the app if required.

Navigate to Settings → My Account → My Plan

You must cancel the subscription to pause any future charges to your credit card. Disabling Charge HQ alone in the above step will not suspend billing.

Smart chargers

When Charge HQ control is disabled your smart charger will start charging whenever the vehicle is plugged in, at the maximum charge rate.

Some smart chargers require a command to start charging when they are connected to an OCPP system such as Charge HQ. Charge HQ will continue to send these commands if required even when control is disabled.

Disconnecting your smart charger

If you wish to disconnect your charger from Charge HQ entirely, you may need to remove the OCPP settings from the charger. Some smart chargers will refuse to charge when disconnected from the OCPP system.

The charger configuration guides will provide an indication of the settings which were changed.

Tesla EVs

If you use Charge HQ with a Tesla, resetting your Tesla password will immediately revoke all access from Charge HQ. You can re-instate it in future by folllowing the Tesla configuration guide.

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