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Account Deletion

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

This function requires version 2.1 (or higher) of the mobile app, or can be accessed via the web app at https://app.chargehq.net.

You can delete your Charge HQ account by navigating to Settings → My Account → Delete Account in the Charge HQ app.

Important Note: uninstalling the Charge HQ app from your phone will NOT delete your Charge HQ account, OR cause Charge HQ to stop controlling the charging of your EV, or communicating with your home equipment (solar inverters, home batteries or energy meters).

If you have already deleted the app, you can either a) re-install it or b) login via the web-app.

If you think you may wish to use Charge HQ again in future, please consider account suspension alternatives.

Before deleting your account

Please be aware that deleting your account will

  • Remove all our data connections to any solar, energy meter or home batteries you have setup. This will not impact their ongoing operation independent of Charge HQ.
  • Immediately cancel and forfeit any paid subscriptions with Charge HQ. Any remaining balance is non-refundable.
  • Remove your access to historical charging statistics. Please ensure you record any charging history data that you wish to retain after your account is deleted.
  • If you are using charging statistics for tax, work expense, or vehicle leasing reports please consider setting up an alternative.
  • Remove you from our mailing lists.
  • Account deletions cannot be reversed. If you wish to use Charge HQ again in future you will need to create a new account and re-configure it.

If you are using Charge HQ with a smart charger via an OCPP integration, please check that you can setup any required scheduled charging directly on the charger or via your vehicle.

After deleting your account

Please consider the following:

For Solar, Home Battery or Energy meter connections:

  • If you granted access to Charge HQ via a portal for these devices per the setup guide, you may wish to revoke access.
  • If you shared usernames or passwords with us for these devices you may wish to change them, although they will have been deleted from the Charge HQ database.

For EVs with direct integrations (such as Tesla):

  • Ensure you have configured scheduled charging if required.

For users with smart wall chargers that were connected to Charge HQ via OCPP

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