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Tesla Randomly Starting to Charge


Tesla vehicles started randomly charging after charging is stopped either via the Tesla app or an API request.


Issue status:
First detected:
February 1, 2023 12:00 PM
August 29, 2023 1:55 PM
Date and times are published in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).


Update 15/02/23

Some Tesla vehicles after installing recent software versions (including 2023.2.12, 2023.6.8 and later) have developed new behaviour where they start charging by themselves at random times after having been stopped via the API or Tesla App.

Due to the way the Tesla charging control works, Charge HQ can not distinguish between these random starts and when charging is deliberately started using the Tesla app or vehicle touchscreen.

Normally, when a vehicle starts charging by itself Charge HQ assumes this was caused by the owner and stops sending charging commands to avoid overriding the owner's wishes. Unfortunately in the case of random charging that results in the vehicle charging to completion against the owner's wishes.

Update 01/03/23

A number of Tesla vehicles have been continuing to start charging at random times when Charge HQ hasn't requested charging to start (via Solar Tracking, Scheduled Charging etc).

We've implemented a workaround that we believe will address the issue for most users. It involves configuring a Scheduled Charge in the vehicle (or via the Tesla app) and then enabling a setting in Charge HQ to override this schedule.

This approach means that the vehicle itself knows not to charge any time it is plugged in prior to (and outside of a 6-hour window after) the scheduled charging time.

It can be used in combination with Scheduled Charging in the Charge HQ app and has the added benefit of ensuring a vehicle receives an overnight charge in the event of an outage or fault with Charge HQ.

To enable the setting in Charge HQ today you will need to login to the webapp (https://app.chargehq.net/login) in your web browser. In the coming days, the setting will also become available in the mobile app via an update.

In addition, a new setting has also been introduced into the app enabling Charge HQ to override any instance where charging is started by the vehicle that may provide an alternate fix.

More information and a guide to making these changes is available here: https://chargehq.net/kb/tesla-random-charging-start-issue

We appreciate that this issue has caused a lot of inconvenience for many users and are hopeful that these changes will address the problem. We're eager to hear any feedback on how it works for you so please reach out via email or this Facebook group with your experiences.

Update 25/05/23

The workaround we have in place appears to have mitigated this issue for many, but certainly not all users. A recent review of other user reports online supports our belief that it's a firmware bug and also one that Tesla now seems aware of with some references to a fix being in the works.

We've updated our website with more details along with a guide for reporting the fault to Tesla which may help to expedite a fix.


At this stage we are now monitoring the error rates and waiting for a firmware update to be released that we hope will resolve the issue.

Update 29/08/23

With the release of firmware 2023.26.7 around the 9th of August we've seen a significant reduction in the number of random starts across all users. Some previously impacted vehicles appear to now be completely unaffected.