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Why Charge your EV from Solar?

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Reduces fossil fuel use

Charging your EV from your rooftop solar is the cleanest source of energy available. It’s 100% free of fossil fuel and super efficient by avoiding long distance transmission. Every time you charge from solar, you reduce fossil fuel use in EV charging.


Making use of excess solar that you would otherwise export to the grid, is equal to or cheaper than buying energy from the grid to charge your EV (for most users).

Enables more solar

When the sun is out, solar panels everywhere make energy at the same time. This is already creating periods of too much solar energy. Solar farms and rooftop systems in sunny cities like Adelaide are already being forced to turn off at times.

The more EV charging you do when the sun is out, the less these systems get turned off and the more solar systems we can connect to the grid.

Reduces strain on the grid

Setting your EV to automatically charge from solar reduces how much you charge the grid. Less grid charging means less chance of contributing to peak demand as the world electrifies everything. This helps keep power prices down for you, and your community.

It feels good

After decades of running cars on imported fuel, there's something pretty special about the energy from your rooftop powering your transport.

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