Wattwatchers Energy Monitor Setup

Wattwatchers Energy Monitor Setup

This configuration may involve copying and pasting values between two applications, which may be more easily completed using a computer (rather than a smart phone).

You can log in to the Charge HQ app in your web browser via https://app.chargehq.net/


Before starting configuration - please check your device compatibility and supported configurations.

Overview of the process:

  • Step 1 - obtain your Wattwatchers Device ID
  • Step 2 - submit a request to Wattwatchers to grant access to Charge HQ. This may take several days to complete.
  • Step 3 - enter your Device ID into Charge HQ

Step 1 - obtain your Device ID

A Device ID is a 13 character string starting with "D" or "E", and looks similar to "DD12345678900".

You can find your Device ID in a couple of ways:

Method 1 - sticker in meter box

ALERT - always take care when opening your meter box.

Your Device ID can be found on a silver sticker, usually placed near the Wattwatchers device.
Method 2 - MyEnergy app

Open the Wattwatchers MyEnergy app, go to More -> Manage sites and devices

Then go to View Site

Note down your Device ID.

Step 2 - submit a request to Wattwatchers

  • Submit a support request here
  • Select "I have questions about the Wattwatchers API"
  • Set description to "I want to use Charge HQ, and grant them access to my data. My device ID is <DD1111111111>"

Wait a couple of days for Wattwatchers to confirm that your request has been actioned.

Step 3 - enter your Device ID into Charge HQ

  • Open the Charge HQ app or webapp
  • Go to Settings -> My Equipment -> Connect your Solar / Battery Equipment
  • From the Solar Equipment Type drop-down menu select Wattwatchers
  • Enter your Device ID
  • Click Submit
  • You will see a success message if it works.
  • You should now see your solar generation on the home screen of the Charge HQ app.