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Wallbox Offline Charging Fix

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

Wallbox chargers connected to Charge HQ will start charging by themselves when they go offline. Since it is common for chargers to temporarily lose their network connection, this leads to frequent unwanted charging sessions.

Charge HQ has been updated to eliminate this issue by applying a new configuration to Wallbox chargers.

The new configuration will be applied when you next reboot your Wallbox charger, provided your charger is using a supported firmware version.


The new configuration results in the following changes in behaviour:

  • charging will no longer start when the Wallbox goes offline
  • the halo LED will be pale green (ready) instead of yellow (locked) when unplugged
  • in the Wallbox app, a session will be recorded each time the vehicle is unplugged instead of each time charging is stopped

Action Required

To apply the new configuration reboot your charger by either:

  • switching it off and on, or
  • in the Charge HQ app, select Settings -> My Equipment -> Smart Charger, then Charger Actions -> Reboot

It can take up to 5 minutes for the charger to reboot and reconnect to Charge HQ.


The halo LED is still yellow (locked)

If the halo LED is yellow after rebooting and waiting at least 5 minutes, your Wallbox charger may require a firmware upgrade.

Using the Wallbox app, connect to your charger, click the settings icon at the top right, select Charger info.

If the "Charger version" is lower than 5.15.7, tap "Charger version" and follow the prompts to perform a firmware upgrade.

If the "Charger version" is greater then 5.15.7, try rebooting the charger again and waiting at least 5 minutes.

Does this mean anyone can now use my Wallbox?

Yes, when a vehicle is plugged in then charging will start. However, it also works that way with the old configuration.

With the old configuration, the charger appeared locked (yellow) when unplugged. However, when a vehicle is plugged in Charge HQ will immediately unlock the charger and start charging. Thus the charger is not really locked, and anyone can use it.

With the new configuration, the charger appears as unlocked (green) and will start charging when plugged in. This is effectively the same as the old configuration, the only difference is that the LED is now green instead of yellow.

Charge HQ does not currently support restricting access to a Wallbox charger. Once a Wallbox is connected to OCPP the locking is now controlled by the OCPP system, in this case Charge HQ, and Charge HQ does not currently have a feature to manually unlock a charger. If you would like such a feature you might like to submit a feature request.

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