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Override non-Charge HQ Control for Tesla charging

This page contains instructions for configuring
chargers with Charge HQ
Please refer to our
charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

WARNING - please read this article before enabling this setting

Normally, Charge HQ allows charging to be controlled from the Tesla app or vehicle touchscreen. When a vehicle starts or stops charging and this was not caused by Charge HQ, it assumes this was caused by the owner and stops sending charging commands to avoid overriding the owner's wishes.

When this occurs, Charge HQ sends a notification and shows a "Charging Control Paused" banner on the home screen. (Older versions of the app may display "External Control Detected" and don't send notifications.)

Enabling the Override non-Charge HQ Control setting causes Charge HQ to retain control of charging and to override any manual controls whilst at your home location. For example, if there is no solar and charging is stopped and you press Start Charging in the Tesla app, Charge HQ will stop charging within a couple of minutes.

This setting will not override manual control when you're attempting to charge away from home such as at public charging locations.

How to enable

This setting is found under Settings -> Advanced, in app version 1.8 or higher, or in the webapp.


Enabling this option means that Charge HQ will always override any manual charging commands. This means you can no longer use the Tesla app or vehicle to start or stop charging - only the Charge HQ app can be used.

Override limit

Charge HQ will override manual control up to 4 times. If it happens a 5th time, Charge HQ will pause its charging control to avoid unlimited stop and start cycles which result in additional wear on the charging equipment. Charge HQ will send a notification when this occurs.


If Charge HQ is preventing you from charging and you are unable to access Charge HQ for any reason (eg forgotten password), you can disconnect Charge HQ from your Tesla by changing your password on tesla.com.

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