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Do I need an energy meter?

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chargers with Charge HQ
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charger listing for details on supported models and charger specifications.

No, but solar tracking works much better with an energy meter.

An energy meter is included with home battery systems or can be installed as an optional component with solar systems.

An energy meter monitors the import and export of energy from your home's connection to the grid.

Without an energy meter

  • You only know what your total solar production is.
  • Charge HQ matches EV charging power to your total solar production.
  • A fixed solar tracking margin can be used to make some allowance for home energy consumption, but it won't change as your home energy consumption does.
  • If you turn on your oven or air conditioner, Charge HQ won't know and it won't reduce the EV charging power to reflect the reduction in excess solar energy.

With an energy meter

  • You know what your solar production is, how much energy your home is consuming, and how much is being imported from or exported to the grid.
  • Charge HQ matches the EV charge rate to the excess solar production (total solar production - home energy consumption = excess solar production). This is the energy that would otherwise be exported to the grid.

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