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Why is the app showing Charging Control Paused?

Charge HQ will detect when charging is stopped or started by something else, including:

  • the Tesla app
  • the vehicle touch screen
  • the vehicle scheduler (as configured by the app)
  • another 3rd-party app

Once detected it will display the "Charging Control Paused" banner in the app and cease control of charging. This is to prevent Charge HQ from overriding what you are trying to do in the vehicle.

You will received a notification when this happens (in app version 1.8 and higher).

NOTE: if this happens repeatedly, you may be experiencing the Tesla random start issue.

This mode is also triggered when charging is started by the vehicle's charging scheduler, eg if you enable scheduled charging on the vehicle rather than in Charge HQ. See this page for more.

Charge HQ will stay in the "Charging Control Paused" mode until:

  • the vehicle is unplugged, or
  • you select a different mode (Stop, Auto, Charge Now) in the Charge HQ app, or
  • a scheduled "Alway Charge" period begins

Other 3rd-party apps

One common cause of external control is other 3rd-party apps which have been linked to your Tesla, for example TeslaFi, Tessie etc. If any other app sends charging commands to your vehicle, Charge HQ may detect external control. This is to avoid multiple apps "fighting" over charging control, which is not good for the equipment.

If you have used 3rd-party apps in the past and you want to be sure that they are no longer connected to your vehicle, you can change your password on tesla.com. That will invalidate all 3rd-party access, including Charge HQ, so you'll need to reconnect Charge HQ after doing this.

Incorrect detection

The external control detection may occasionally incorrectly detect external control. If this happens, please feel free to let us know by emailing info@chargehq.net and describing the date & time when it occurred.

NOTE: if this happens repeatedly, you may be experiencing the Tesla random start issue. Please read that page before reporting issues.

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