Charge HQ & Amber

Charge HQ & Amber

Amber and Charge HQ share a common goal to help home energy users shift their energy consumption to periods when renewable generation is high (and wholesale prices are more often low).

Charge HQ is focussed on helping you charge your EV in a way which maximises the amount of renewable energy used whilst minimising the cost.

Why use Charge HQ with Amber?

The more you're able to shift the time of day you consume energy, the more you can benefit from paying for energy on a variable tariff.

Electric Vehicles are often one of the larger consumers of electricity in a household, and combined with Charge HQ, you can automatically shift when charging occurs.

How do Charge HQ and Amber work together?

As an Amber customer, you can connect Charge HQ directly to your Amber account so that we know about both the live pricing, and the level of renewables generation for your location.

You can then set limits to automatically avoid charging during peak price events.

If you have rooftop solar, and your hardware is supported, we can automate the process of charging your EV from it.

If you don't have  rooftop solar, you can configure Charge HQ to automatically charge when your Amber price is low, or renewables generation is high at any time of day.

Future updates to Charge HQ will further improve the ability to automate charging from cheap, green energy for all users.

For more details, see our guide on configuring Charge HQ for Amber customers.

Get started

Charge HQ is currently in beta mode and is currently free of charge. To get started, simply complete the sign-up form and we'll setup your account within 1-2 days.