Charge HQ integration with Amber

Charge HQ integration with Amber

How does Amber Electric work?

Amber is an Australian electricity retailer that operates on a different billing model to most other retailers. Most electricity retailers provide their customers with stable electricity rates (changed only twice per year). They then buy electricity on the wholesale market which is constantly varying with the price changing every 5 minutes. They manage their risk with a mix of supply contracts and hedging agreements, the cost of which are included in the stable electricity rates.

Amber is different: they pass through variable wholesale rates in combination with a flat monthly service fee.

The underlying premise is that energy prices will typically be lower during times of high renewable generation and higher when generation from renewables is low. If home owners have exposure to this price variation they will be motivated to shift as much of their energy use as they can to periods of lower price and greener energy.

Ambers mission is to to shift Australia to 100% renewable energy, a philosophy that is closely aligned with that of Charge HQ: to shift EV charging to periods when more electricity is being generated from renewables.

Why use Amber with Charge HQ?

With Amber, the more you're able to shift the time of day you consume energy, the more you can benefit from paying for energy on their variable tariff.

Electric Vehicles are often one of the larger consumers of electricity, and combined with Charge HQ, you can automatically shift when charging energy is consumed.

How does the integration with Amber work?

Charge HQ users who are with Amber can connect their Amber account so that Charge HQ knows about both the live pricing and the level of renewable generation in their state. Users can then set limits to automatically avoid charging during peak price events.

For those with rooftop solar, these limits work in combination with Charge HQ's solar tracking features. For example, when the price exceeds the limit charging can be stopped, allowing excess solar to be sent to the grid to receive the high feed-in tariff.

Users without rooftop solar can configure Charge HQ to automatically charge when their Amber price is low, or renewables generation is high, at any time of day.

Future updates to Charge HQ will further improve the ability to automate charging from cheap green energy for all users.

For more details, see our guide on configuring Charge HQ for Amber customers.

Special offer for Charge HQ users

Charge HQ users who are currently with another retailer can get a $30 sign up credit with Amber when they switch by using the referral code CHARGEHQ30.

Disclaimer: Charge HQ can't decide which electricity retailer or energy plan is right for you. You need to do your own research taking into account your personal circumstances. Please note that Charge HQ will receive an incentive payment if you sign up to Amber using the referral code above.